Monday, April 4, 2016

I am so excited!!!! I figured out how to organise my stamp sets in Evernote. First, it is easier to go to the website set up your account and download it to your computer, then, you should be able to sync it to your phone and other techno equipment you may own. 

Here is the video I watched. One thing I learned or can't figure out how to do is put them in chronological order but, then, I realized they don't have to be because of the way you set them up you put in key words and the stamp sets will show up. I will be putting them in chronological order in the box. Also, another thing I am adding to the information in Evernote is the number of the box they are in and numbering the boxes accordingly and I am putting each letter in seperate Notebooks (ex. A stamp sets together, B stamp sets together). 

I will be using these boxes to organise my stamp sets. These are the large sizes but you may not need that big of a box. Here are smaller ones for stamp sets. Both boxes will also work for Embossing Folders. 

My Acrylix® Organizer

Large Organizer


I took photos of my stamp sets and added them into the note area for that paticular stamp set. Be sure and resize your photo. I put them on pixels and changed to 400x300. Nice and small but still able to see them. 

I am also excited about getting ready to go to a Scrapbook Retreat in Sturgis, MI! Beautiful place on a lake. Hope to get alot done.

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