Wednesday, May 11, 2022

May Stamp of the Month- again?


Another card I made with primarily Oxide Inks, Stencil Pack 1 and 2, Circles and Patterns Workshop kit, Postage Frames Thin cuts, and Black Acrylic embellishments and a left-over piece from In Full Blooms embellishments. White Daisy Ink, White Paint Pen, white gel pen, stamp set from the Circles and Patterns and the sentiment is from the May Stamp of the Month.

And I thought this stamp set was going to be hard to come up with very many card ideas. LOL!

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Circles and Patterns Scrapbook Workshop Kit

So, another Close to My Heart Maker (unfortunately I can't remember who) made a heart on a card with these fun stamps and thin cuts and I looked up other Tangrams on Google and found this one that was fun to copy. I had to cut the card as a 6" x 6" to fit it on. Remember that size? LOL! I learned the hard way NOT to make it for a swap that had to be sent in the mail. This size is best for handing to the recipient. I used up leftovers of these circles and pieces from my previous scrapbook layouts shown earlier. 

I used the Postage Frames Thin Cuts for the sentiment, and the Love came from the May Stamp of the Month. I used Oxide Inks to color in the sentiment also. I thought it was fun playing around with this idea. 
If you have this set, find a Tangram to copy and make a card or scrapbook layout and share your beautiful creation in the comments of this post on my Facebook Group, Making Pretty Things with Paper.

 This Kit and all the other National Scrapbook Day Kits are available until May 31 or until supplies last.

May Stamp of the Month Kits


May Stamp of the Month Kits!

I used more of the Fresh Paint Paper and color scheme on these three cards. I wasn't sure how I was going to come up with 3 different designs, so here's my ideas and I hope you like them. Lots of watercoloring using our Watercolors and even the ink from our Ink Pads. So, you will be getting watercolor paper in your kits because our White Daisy won't stand up to all the water you will be using. 

Here are the close ups of each card that is included in the kits. 

Someone suggested that some of the sentiments and the scenery design would work great on Graduation Cards and Scrapbook Layouts. I think I would have to agree! What do you think?

I used pieces of the acrylic embellishments and Fresh Paint Acrylic Shapes on these cards. You may not get what is exactly on the cards but, you are guaranteed embellishments from these collections in your kits.

If you want to know how to receive your set(s) of card kits FREE, (plus some other goodies) click on the tab above that says May Stamp of the Month.

Your kits will come pre-cut with card bases and envelopes, instructions, embellshments.

Here is a list of items I used:

X7280B- Fresh Paint Paper Pack
X7280C- Fresh Paint Coordinating Cardstock
X7280E- Fresh Paint Acrylic Shapes
Z3132- Water Color Paints
Z3225-Water Brush
Z6026- Black Acrylic Flowers
Z6025- White Acrylic Flowers
Z6011- Black Acrylic Buttons
Z4437- Postage Frames Thin Cuts
Z3943- Circles Thin Cuts
Z6507- Clover Ink Pad
Z4189- Intense Ink Pad
Z2828- Toffee Ink Pad

Monday, May 9, 2022

May Color of the Month Kit

 Sorry, I am kind of behind again. I keep getting closer to catching up though and I will be doing those lives to make all these cards soon. 

Anyway, here is the May Color of the Month

It's graduation time, what can I say? The colors of the Fresh Paint Paper just go so well with the graduation theme I thought. They are so bright and cheerful and "cool"! 

This month I couldn't find an A-size stamp set so you will be getting two of the M-size and they "were absolutely made for each other" as you can see in the picture below of the card, I designed for ya! I am also adding a bottle of the Stickles to round out that price!

Z4288- Capri Shimmer Brush

Z6528- Capri Ink Pad

M1311- Congrats Roll
M1312- You Did It!

Z3785- Icicle Stickles

List of extras:

X7280B- Fresh Paint Paper Pack

X7280C- Fresh Paint Coordinating Cardstock 

Z3943- Circle Thin Cuts

*Click on the appropriate tab at the top for more information how you can get started collecting your ink pad colors too!

Sunday, April 3, 2022

April Stamp of the Month Card Kit- Message in A Bottle

 I love, love, love this stamp set! I had so much fun using this stamp set to design these cards for you...

I used the D2081- In Full Bloom scrapbooking stamp set for the flowers 
and the Z4095-Botanical Embossing Folder to add texture. 
I used papers and the colors from the X7279B In Full Bloom Paper Pack
and the X7279C-Coordinating Cardstock.

These three pre-cut card kits will be shipped to you FREE, when you get the April Stamp of the Month stamp set. Click on the tab above to see the differnt ways to get your April Stamp of the Month...


Friday, April 1, 2022

April Color of the Month- Lagoon

 It's April 1st and April Fool's Day! How many of you woke up to snow this morning? LOL! We did and I love my Creator's sense of humor, don't you? He's saying, "Hello, I am still in charge here!" 

Lagoon is the color this month. I used the In Full Bloom paper and Lagoon is one of the colors in this paper pack. It was a hard toss-up between that and the Avocado which I am really loving!

Aren't these bunnies just the cutest? I haven't decided what sentiment to use on it yet, I don't plan to make it an Easter one. But, you can make it what you want to.
I colored the bunnies, flower and the greenery with alcohol markers. Doodled a bit with the White Gel pen. You can barely see the wooden button to the left of the flower, it was colored with alcohol ink also.

The Avocado piece is run through the embossing machine using the 
Z4095- Botanical Embossing Folder. 
I also used 
Z3960- Doodled Florals for the flower and the greenery. 

Would you like this Color of the Month Kit? 
You can Private Message me or comment below and let me know you want it. Click the tab above for all the information.

*Note- My VIPs have special instructions.

Monday, March 14, 2022

March Stamp of the Month Stamp set and Card Kits

 S2203- Your The G.O.A.T.

Well, I had to look up what G.O.A.T. means. Who already knew?

Greatest Of All Time!

I guess I am never too old to learn new things. LOL!  

Anyway, this stamp set is really cute and paired with the March Paper Kit of the Month-Cake Day, it really enhances the cuteness. 

The colors of this paper are so beautiful! I can't stop looking at them. Sorry, did I not tell you I love colors? I really love the color combinations Close To My Heart puts together for these kits. So, if your looking for bright spring colors, this paper pack fits the bill!

I used the: 

D2080- Cake Day Scrapbooking Stamp set or

                  Z4416- Cake Day Scrapbooking Stamp set + Thin Cuts 

on the cards to make them for Birthday Cards. You will need to purchase this stamp set to finish the cards like mine but, you are always welcome to use what you have! When you purchase the Stamp of the Month (remember VIPs get them FREE with a $50 order), I will send you this kit of these 3 cards precut and with cutting/assembling diagrams and instructions. Plus, you will be added to my workshop Facebook group for video instructions on assembling these cards. 

I do need to insert here that I am behind on the videos because of events but, I will get them done very soon. 

If you live close, I am doing them at the N. Manchester, on the Craft Days. 

March 19 will be the next Craft Day! 

Private Message me for more information if you are interested in the Craft Day.

 Please, check the list below to be sure you have what you need to finish these. 

I do let people use my inks at the Craft Day if you have pre-purchased the stamp set. 

Please plan to furnish your own adhesives, and 3- D Foam Dots or 3-D Foam Tape. 

Another item I used, which is part of the Color of the Month Kit, is the Green Apple Shimmer Brush. Click on the tab above for more information. Here are the close ups of the cards. I used the thin cuts from the Cake Day stamp set to cut the holes in Card #2. I colored the background with Oxide Inks.

Card #1

Card #2

Card #3

Colors used for stamping:


Z6527- Wild Berry

Z2841- Glacier

Z6517- Lemonade


Distress Oxide Inks-

Z3833- Peacock Feathers

Z3832- Mowed Lawn

Other Items used:

Z2045- All Purpose Mat

Z1151- Thin Foam Tape

Z1836- Non-Stick Micro-Tip Scissors

Z3672-Green Apple Shimmer Brush

Z3517- Black Journaling Pen

Y1016 My Acrylic Blocks (1" x 1 1/2")

Y1002 My Acrylic Blocks (1" x 3 1/2")

Y1003 My Acrylic Blocks (2" x 2")

Z3579-Stamp Shammy

X254- White Cards and Envelopes Value Pack

Z3225 Medium Round Waterbrush

Thursday, February 17, 2022

Basic Scrapbooking 101- Conservation and Storage

 Scrapbooking is all about preserving memories for generations still to come.  Fortunately, in today's modern world, we have the knowledge and distinctive advantage regarding how to do this properly to keep our photos and memorabilia safe from corrosion.

Remember the old magnetic albums in the 70's? Or that's my first memory anyways. I thought they were the bee's knees. LOL, but boy did they ever ruin my precious pictures. Especially the ones of my kids and everyday life back then. I have been literally digging my photos off of them and scrapbooking them in a better environment. I found out that Undu makes the job easier and doesn't damage them further.. 

The materials in these albums contained chemicals that, with time, break down to form acids. These acids, in turn, begin breaking down your photos. The term for this is acid migration.

Many papers contain lignin, a chemical compound derived from plant matter. In time, lignin will also beak down causing the paper to yellow and become brittle. This process of deterioration causes your photos to be damaged also. 

If you have photos that have been damaged or in danger of deterioration, you can replicate them by scanning or reprinting and making color photocopies on acid-free paper as a temporary solution. Damaged photographs can be restored in many different ways. Professional photo labs provide restoration services for photographs and negatives.

The internet is a good place to go to find new and up to date information for preserving and replicating your old photos. 

So, where do we start with this whole scrapbooking thing?

I would recommend starting with your photos. Are they jumbled in a box? Stored in unfriendly picture albums? 

You can start by sorting through the jumbles in a box and getting those photos out of those unfriendly albums and put them into photo boxes. 

Sorting and storing photos chronologically is a really good starting point. Simply record the year on the front of each box then place the photographs in order. If there are several photos of the same event, in lieu of writing on the back of each one, use a journaling card to record all the information relating to that event. Place that card in front of those photographs.

You can sort by themes, by person, by dates, by events, etc. As you sort, those ideas will come to mind, and it will get easier. You can add journaling cards as it will save time and energy when planning layouts plus, if it takes a while to get to them, it helps later for remembering the event. I thought I would never forget, but now that it's been 40 some years since the beginning of some of our photos, I can't always remember the important information. 

Here is a link to the 8 best storage boxes. Just make sure any box you choose is acid free cardboard. You can also purchase plastic boxes made for photo storage. Store the photos in a cool, dry location to avoid any damage from light and mold. 

Next week: Materials and Equipment