Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Grandbaby!

I am so sorry I haven't posted for awhile. A couple weeks ago we had a bit of excitement. Our oldest daughter had her first baby 4 weeks early. Needless to say none of us was quite ready for this. Mommy and baby are doing well even thought they sent him to Children's in Dayton for fear of infection (which he didn't have) and then he became jaundiced but, not bad enough to go back to Children's. I was out there for a week and 1/2 helping her so, everything was put on hold.

When I held my tiny 5 lb. 6 oz. grandson for the first time, I marveled at God's creativity! From his tiny little head, and tiny, tiny, tiny little fingers and toes. This is the greatest work of art ever made, better than any mere mortal could ever do or imitate. Then, we look around us at nature and marvel once again at the colors and shapes He created for us, His children, to enjoy. I love putting colors together to create something to share.

One of the days I was out there I went to my second daughter's house and helped her make the Baby Shower invitations posted below. We spent all day together working on these (42 altogether) and her two boys even helped put in the brads. They were so excited to help!

The paper is from a Scrapbook Store in Greenville, OH. along with Close To My Heart Cardstock, brads and inks. I am always amazed how we can match "contraband" paper with ours. ~giggle~  All of the wording was printed on the computer and matches the colors also. A CTMH consultant went through and figured out the numbers to make all 60 colors so you can match your journaling or Titles with our papers, cardstock and inks. If your interested in this list, e-mail me and I will send it to you.

 This card is only 1 layer with a pocket and pullout tag with the information printed on it. The oval frame was cut out with CTMH cardstock and a layer of thin craft foam to pop it off the card.

We wanted to color the edges of the white tag to tone it down, so, we used a Sponge Dauber and lightly edged the tag with Topiary. I kept looking at it and was not feeling that tingling feeling so, I tried adding some Indian Corn Blue. AAAAhhhhhhhhh! Yes, it just made it so much better! By that time my Sponge Dauber was pretty rough on the top from doing 42 little tags so, it wasn't doing the same as the Topiary. What I did find out was the rough spots made it look like a sponge when I just tapped the color on in spots here and there. AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH! Wonderful, it made the perfect finished look it needed! My motto for today: Always try another color or even two before you give up.                                                                                                

This was the amazing discovery my daughter made. She was leafing through her old CTMH Idea Books and found this very card and the strip printed on just like this. She realized that they cut strips of cardstock to fit through a label maker and printed the words on then you take sandpaper and rub lightly over the raised letters and voila, it looks like real labels. I can think of alot of possibilites with this idea on scrapbook pages too.
If you like this project, feel free to comment here by June 14 and get your name in the pot for a FREE drawing for a gift from me. I will draw the name on June 15 and will post the name of the winner here and on Face Book. Thanks for looking.

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