Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I never realized untill I started creating cards then scrapbook pages how much I enjoy creating with paper, inks and stamps. Since I started this adventure of creativity, I had to recall my one and only year in High School I took Art. One project we made started with a drawing of a still life. I remember mine had a pitcher in it and probably other things that slip my mind but, I certainly remember the pitcher. We took those drawings and cut each object out of colored construction paper and glued them down on a base page of construction paper. At that point they looked like plain cut outs, very flat and undimensional, blah and boring. Then, we added something that started my heart pounding, and the hair to raise up on my neck!
This is a very typical reaction of excitement to this sort of thing, sorry.
 We took chalks and added shading and shadows and made the flat, boring things come alive and look 3 dimensional and real! I remember that project being my favorite thing I had ever done.
   Now, today, I can do this same thing with stamps, or just cutting something out with my Cricut and adding chalks, or markers or use water color brushes dippped in the ink on the lids of my stamp pads. And, yes, the hair still raises on the back of my neck and my heart pounds with excitement because it just hits me that way!

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