Wednesday, February 13, 2013

More Valentine Treats!

Whoooooo........... I can say I am done now! These took longer than I intended. Some will be shipped to some sweeties in Ohio tomorrow (I know, I know, they are late) and the rest go to some sweeties around here. I hope you don't get tired of the same colors but, I'm so liking this color scheme I can't quit using it. Besides, I don't have to think about it, I already have everything out for this combination so, why change now! LOL!

Here is 3 different cards out of 8 that I made. The rest all look like the top one.

Everything was either cut with the Artiste or the Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge. Yes, the card cut at 3" and this cut automatically cuts out the heart in the center, the little 1" and 1 1/2" doiley stacked at the tip of the heart, all 3 layers of heart ringing the opening of the card. On the inside I stamped on and glued down the heart that came out of the opening. The juniper and cotton candy hearts are stamped. I stamped a design in the center of the top doiley and added a sparkle. 

              Here are the other 2 that have a little different look to them. 

I wanted to show you something here. Some of you already know what masking is but, for those who don't I want to do a tiny tutorial. The top card was started without masking on the bottom of the pink square. You can see how the pink square comes through the juniper ink. So, I stamped the love u lots stamp on a sticky note up where the sticky is but on the right side of the note and then cut it out and laid it on the pink square. I then stamped the top juniper heart over the sticky note and onto the space above. Take off the sticky note and voila! It looks like its setting behind the pink. So, I did this with all of the cards as below. I looks so much more nice and neat. Don't you think?

Below is the bags of sugary, sweet, tooth decaying,gravity defying,  grandchild spoiling treats I am sending and giving to all my minature sweeties! Four who happen to be in Ohio and three right close by. 

Oh yeah, not only is there corn syrup laced candy in those bags, but I made peanut butter, rice krispie treats with chocolate chips on top too. The message heart candy is something new to me. They were called Ice Cream Flavors. Well, let me tell you, they are really good. The orange ones remind me of creamsicle ice cream!!!!! 

I made both treat toppers and cards with the stamp set from the Whoos Your Valentine kit. Even the tag is a stamp from in there. 

Now, here is a box for all of those Valentine's I made for my Sweetie that lives with me here. Tomorrow is the last day and they all fit inside this. He's been pretty amazed at all his tiny little cards everyday. 

Here is the front (above) and the back (below). Yes, there's 2 different sizes of owls. So adorable.

And the sides. I dry embossed, sanded and distressed the edges in Slate. The thing about all these Valentines, the box decorations and the Treat Toppers is, I used pretty much all from my scrap box. Except the card, topper, and box bases and the bigger pieces of Slate cardstock. 

Well, on to the next project. Thinking about a Stamp Of The Month project or 2. Thanks for stopping by and looking. Feel free to leave a comment! Would love to know what you think.

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